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WIT’S END Board Game

Think you know a little about a lot? Put your mind to the test with WIT’S END. This trivia game will not just test your knowledge, but engage how you think through solving a problem. Answer questions in four mind challenging categories as you work your way to the center of the board. Think laterally and wrap your mind around a TEASER, deduce the ODD-1-OUT, figure out the SEQUENCE, or try your luck in the WILD CARD category. Be on your toes, the questions are packed with riddles and brain teasers on history, popular culture, geography, science, arts and more. Think hard, but don’t find yourself at your Wit’s End! Includes 1200 questions on 300 game cards, large game board, playing pieces, die, and instruction sheet.More than just trivia, Wit’s End is a game of brain teasers & riddles in diverse categories.
In TEASERS you solve mind riddles; In ODD-1-OUT you find which out of four options do not belong.
In SEQUENCE in put things in order (by year, weight, size etc); in WILD CARD anything goes.
Includes 1200 questions about popular culture, geography, arts, history, science and more…
An Award Winner! For 2-6 players/teams. AGES 16 to Adult.

Price: $34.99 - $34.95
(as of Apr 16,2019 03:56:46 UTC – Details)

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